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Ref No PBH/7
TitleHealth and Hygiene Posters issued by GB Ministry of Health, Health and Cleanliness Council, London
Date c. late 1920s
DescriptionUnder Section 67 of the Public Health Act 1921, Local Authorities made some attempts to improve public health. However the National Health Insurance Committees had powers under the N.H.I. Act, 1924, Section 50, since 1912 to undertake health education.

The Committee's 1927 campaign spotlighted 'Health and Cleanliness' and with the generous support and co-operation of the Health and Cleanliness Council in London, a campaign was put in place.

Posters were particularly useful, with slogans such as "Where there's dirt there's danger" becoming a recognisable saying of the campaign. They were distributed to schools, factories, railway stations and libraries etc.
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