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Ref No GE/2
TitlePhotographers' diaries for the South Lancashire Newspapers, mainly relating to the 'St.Helens Reporter'
Date 1963-1989
DescriptionThese act as an accessions register for photographs as they were taken, but are purely handwritten diaries and do not contain any images.
The earlier diaries pre-date the earliest negatives in this series, which begin on 31 Mar 1965. The diaries also include other incidental information, such as addresses, telephone numbers, a few conventional diary entries (mainly aides memoire), numbers of films bought and exposed, types of chemicals etc. as well as the photographers' annual leave allocations and lieu days.
Photograph entries include: -
a) The time the photograph was taken.
b) A code referring to which newspaper the photograph was taken for.
c) The subject or event photographed.
d) Photographer's initials.
e) Negative reference number.
Occasionally numbers were allocated but not used: such cases are made clear in the diary.
Extent27 volumes
Level Series
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