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Ref No BP/1/6/68
TitleAdvertisements for Beecham's Pills extracted from magazines and journals
Date 1889-1960
DescriptionThe bundles contain the following advertisements:

. A page of advertisements for Beecham's Pills from Cassell's Saturday Journal, Nov 1889
. 'Beecham's Pills, the rosebud of health...and' Showing a young woman 'Cassell's Saturday Journal', Jan 1890
'More rhymes for Beecham's chimes' text only. Feb 1890, 'Cassell's Saturday Journal'
.'How shall I meet the epidemic' (flu). Text only. Feb 1890, 'Cassells Saturday Journal'
.'Pickwick's immortal discovery' Pickwick discovering a Beecham's Pills inscription.
.'Beecham's Pills 3 boxes'. Jul 1890, 'Cassells Saturday Journal'
.'I saw a maid with gaze intent...' a woman looking over a river. 1893 from an unknown magazine.
.'Worth a guinea a box. Beecham's Pills'. Text only. Nov 1895, 'Home Chat'
.'Wortha guinea a box. Beecham's Pills' Text only. Jan 1896, 'Home Chat'
.'The struggle to the North Pole--- never be without Beecham's Pills' Text only. Oct 1896 'Home Chat'
.'A wonderful medicine Beecham's Pills---' Text within the outline of a shield.1896. Unknown magazine.
.'Beecham's Pills'. A box of pills surrounded by hands on a black background.1897. 'Hieratica'
.'The world's medicine. Beecham's Pills. The friend of all nations' Wording on a background of the coats of arms of various countries.1897. Unknown magazine.
.'Beecham's Pills--- by their purifying effect---' Black advertisement on a latticed background containing sprigs of Yew. 1899. 'Harmsworth' magazine.
.'Beecham's Pills--- thanks'.Silhouettes of two men, one offering pills to the other.c.1900 'Strand' magazine (Windsor magazine)
.' After a heavy meal take---' Cartoon of tribesman chasing an elephant.1900. Unknown magazine.
.'A reliable despatch' Message in Chinese-type script which is a disguised English advertisement for Beecham's.1900. Unknown magazine.
.'Cured by taking Beecham's Pills'. Shows picture of head and shoulders of a soldier.1900. Unknown magazine.
.'Wherever flies the flag that's braved a thousand years the battle and the breeze, there Beecham's Pills will triumph o'er disease'. The Union Jack surrounded by the national emblems of shamrock, rose, and thistle.1900. Unknown magazine.
.'The reveille will always find you bright and cheery if you take Beecham's Pills' Picture of soldier blowing the reveille and text at the right hand side.1900. Unknown magazine.
.'Banish ill-health. When spots will rise before your eyes, Tistime to take Beecham's Pills'. Blue text and illustration of man covering his eyes with his hand.1901. Black and white.
.'That good digestion may wait on appetite and health on both, take Beecham's Pills'. Blue text and illustration of a man stood at the dinner table.1902. Unknown magazine.
.'A friend's recommendation is the best testimonial--- Beecham's Pills' Text only.1902. Unknown magazine.
.'A single box of Beecham's Pills can cure and chase away---'. Mainly text with a partial edging of (leaf?) design.1903. Unknown magazine.
.'Remove that bilious feeling---Beecham's Pills'. Text only.1906. Unknown magazine.
.'The best box in the house'. Woman pushing aside a curtain in a theatre/pill box.1907. Unknown magazine.
.'Beecham's Pills---best for me---best for you'. Text only.1907. Unknown magazine.
.'Watch your health'(Depicts a pocket watch and text).1907. Unknown magazine.
.'No appetite - Beecham's Pills will make all the difference'. (Maid bringing food to the table and man refusing it).1907. Unknown magazine.
.'Indigestion! Beecham's Pills will make all the difference'. (Man coming away from the dining table with a hand to his head and stomach).1908. Unknown magazine.
.'To be healthy do as the healthy do'. (Text only).1908. Unknown magazine.
.'Beecham's Pills best for me, best for you'. (Text only).1909. Novel magazine.
.'A world wide reputation Beecham's Pills ensure good health in every clime'. Depicts a rising sun on the horizon.1909. Unknown magazine.
.'Sigh no more, ladies, 'tis a happy world thanks to Beecham's Pills. Shows a young woman seated at a small table and holding a box of pills.1911. Unknown magazine.
.'Hale and smiling at morn---'. (Man stood next to the breakfast table).1912. Unknown magazine.
.'Its to your advantage---'. (Woman dressed for tennis).1912. Unknown magazine.
.'Are you feeling fed up, If so try---'. (Boy on a chair with a pot of jam next to him).1912. Unknown magazine.
.'Do as I do take Beecham's Pills and keep smiling'. Young woman with a box of pills.1912. Unknown magazine.
.'My girl takes Beecham's Pills'. Young woman posing with a chair.1912. Unknown magazine.
.'Take the cues and put a box of Beecham's Pills in your pocket?' (Two men play snooker)1913. Unknown magazine.
.'The summer girl takes---'. (Drawing of girl in a bathing costume and carrying a parasol).1913. Unknown magazine
.'Engaged taking Beecham's Pills'. (Young engaged woman taking Beecham's Pills).1914. Unknown magazine.
-.'Health and happiness ensured by taking---'. (Woman and parasol).c.1914, Unknown magazine.
.'Looking well depends on being well so take...'. (Girl and bicycle). On the reverse of the card is another advertisement 'You can rely on---'. (Sailor with his foot on a capstan, with battle ships in the distance).1915. Unknown magazine.
.'A little medicine now and then is taken by the wisest men'. (Man with beard and smoking cap sat at his desk).1915. Unknown magazine.
.'It is risky to be out of reach of---'. (Couple watching a bi-plane).1915. Unknown magazine
.'Hale and hearty, free from ills, thanks to taking...'. (Picture of a white haired and bearded man).1916. Unknown magazine.
.'Wise reasons for taking---'. (Cartoon of man holding a box of pills).1916. Unknown magazine
.'My travelling companion...'. Man carrying box of Beecham's Pills with his head out of the window of a railway carriage.1917. February. The 'Storyteller' magazine.
.'First aid to beauty -- Beecham's Pills';. Text only outlined in a letter 'B'. 1917. Unknown magazine.
.'Opening negotiations for a healthy peace...'. Two hands and open box of pills.1917. Unknown magazine.
.'Sound advice. What shall I give her?' Woman using a wall mounted telephone.1918. 'Novel' magazine
.'Is your digestion right?' (Cartoon of a man with box of pills sitting at the dinner table).1918. 'Novel' magazine.
.'What keeps mother so cheerful' (Drawing of woman with three children).1919. 'Novel' magazine.
.'Before retiring for the night preserve your health and appetite'. Picture of a woman with candle.1920. 'Novel' magazine.
.'She owes her charm to ---'. Young woman pictured in front of a mirror.1920. Unknown magazine.
.'Circumstances alter cases so do ---'. Picture of barrister with pills in hand.1920. Unknown magazine.
.'Keep your pecker up by taking Beecham's Pills'. Drawing of a pelican being fed a pill.1922. Unknown magazine
.'Beecham's Pills - a world wonder'. The Sphinx with a box of pills near the feet.1922. 'Corner' magazine.
.'The man who swears by Beecham's Pills'. Cartoon of a smiling man.1924. 'Novel' magazine.
.'A Pill's the thing...'. Mainly text based on Hamlet, 'The play's the thing' and a box of opened Beecham's Pills.1925. Unknown magazine.
'Clear the skin with Beecham's Pills'. Text only.1925. Unknown magazine.
'A good recipe -- take Beecham's Pills'. Blue and red text only.1925. Unknown magazine.
.'A clear skin and perfect complexion --- Beecham's Pills'. Blue text and head of a young woman.1925. Unknown magazine.
.'Feel first class by taking Beecham's Pills'. Blue drawing of woman stood at a railway station. c.1920s. Unknown newspaper
.'Beecham's Pills check ill health';. Text surrounded by black checks.1926. Unknown magazine.
.'Keep your fresh complexion'. Mainly text and drawing of a woman taking Beecham's Pills.1926. Unknown magazine
.'Are you dissatisfied with your complexion'. Text and head of young woman. 1926. Unknown magazine.
.'A healthy complexion ---Beecham's Pills? Blue and red text with drawing of a woman sat at her dressing table.1927. Unknown magazine.
.'Avoid drifting into ill-health by taking a couple of ---'. (Picture of sailing boat at sea).1929. Unknown magazine
.'The man who swears by ---'. (Cartoon of a smiling man) c.1920s. 'Corner' magazine.
.'Take Beecham's Pills and wake up smiling'.Picture of a smiling young man.1930s. Unknown newspaper 'Merry and bright and free from ills--- she takes her nightly Beecham's Pills'. Mainly text and photograph of the head of a young woman.1930s. Unknown newspaper.
.'When you're feeling out of sorts and life seems weary, stale, flat and unprofitable take Beecham's Pills'. Drawing of a despondent, man sat in an armchair.1930s. Unknown newspaper
.'Can you do this? Take your weight without worry...'. Photograph of a woman weighing herself.1930s. Unknown newspaper
.'Beach you will wish you were slim...'. Photograph and drawing of woman at the beach.1930s. Unknown newspaper
.'It's lovely to be slim--- Beecham's Pills' Photograph of two women playing with a beach ball.1930s. Unknown newspaper.
.'The centre of that she's slim! Beecham's Pills'. Photograph of woman in evening dress.1934. Unknown newspaper.
.Worth a guinea a box---banish constipation---tonight take Beecham's Pills'. Mainly text comparing the old slogan with the modern strains of life also photograph of the head of a young woman and older man in a top hat.1936. Unknown newspaper.
.'The modern remedy for sore throat and weak chest---Beecham's lung syrup' Mainly text with a drawing of the syrup being poured from a bottle into a spoon.1937. Unknown magazine
.'Can you do this---if you keep regular with Beecham's Pills'. Photograph of woman cleaning walls.1940s. Unknown magazine.
.'The Modern Miss---takes Beecham Pills'. Photograph of the head of a young woman.1943. Unknown magazine
.'Hard work will suit you if you're fit---Beecham's Pills'. Photograph of woman working in a factory.1947. 'People's Friend'.
.'If constipation makes you feel bilious why don't you take Beecham's Pills. Photograph of mother and daughter?1948. Unknown newspaper.
.'I think it's a lovely idea...smooth coated Beecham's Pills...'. Drawing of two women, pills and shopping basket.1949. Unknown newspaper.
. 'Sure of her health sure of herself--- wise woman she takes Beecham's Pills'. Drawing of telephonist at a switchboard.1950s. Unknown magazine.
. 'If you need a laxative--- take Beecham's Pills tonight---'. Photograph of two women.1951. Unknown magazine.
. 'How you feel tomorrow depends a lot on today---take Beecham's Pills. Artist's impression of woman waving from a railway carriage.1952. Unknown magazine.
. 'How you feel tomorrow depends a lot on today--- take Beecham's Pills. Artist's impression of a couple dancing.1952. Unknown magazine
. 'You will feel better tomorrow if you take Beecham's Pills tonight';. Artist's impression of a young woman who looks ill being comforted by her mother, 1957. Unknown magazine.
. Cutting from a magazine showing a black and white photograph of Lawrence Olivier in the role of Archie Rice in the 1960 film 'The Entertainer' (he is holding a very large box of Beecham's Pills)
Extent8 bundles
Level Item
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